Aqua Velva Features

It is to inform you with great pleasure that we launched 2 decades ago our Top Quality Brand of Bottled drinking water, The Finest Drinking Water, Pure and Healthy Containing all ingredients and minerals required. It would be an honor to provide you with our brand of Mineral Water at the most economical and highest quality in product and service including premium incentive package on bulk purchase at your door steps. Cactus our range of beverage was successful paper writings essaywriter experiment which will be reinitiated in the near future soon. We sincerely look forward to many references from you to enable us to successfully expand our humble project. May Allah grant us the strength to continue providing services with zeal, honesty and purity.  Ameen.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

With the present day wide spread prevalence of hepatitis, stomach related disorders & other contagious bacterial epidemics , the need for pure, safe & bacteria free drinking water for your kids and family has become even more essential. Since water is the most popular beverage, it seems absurd to use unhealthy drinking water in your routine life. So provide the shelter of healthy environment to your family through safe & pure drinking water, as there is no substitute of health. Conserve water.

The Need for Safe and Healthy Drinking Water

Water is the source of life & more than 60% of human body consists of water. The potable water in our country is contaminated due to many reasons. The major reasons are: –

  • Water supply lines are not conducive for potable water supply.
  • Poor sewerage systems: In-house filtration & boiling are the only resources available at the moment to bring up the community scale water to a level that is considered to be healthy & safe but there is no substitute to mineral water.
  • Lower land of aquifers and changing water courses
  • Global weather change i.e. warning

These contracts cover regular customer services with a defined scope for operation and /or maintenance customer’s water treatment plants. Please enquire for a personal quote, we would be happy to provide further details through our e-mail

  • Integrated & efficient low cost water management system & plan.
  • Cheaper source of water (better & low running cost)
  • Cutting down costs with improved usage of water, water management system.
  • Water conservation through recycling
  • Desalination
  • Understanding with innovation
  • Cut installation & capital cost
  • Project Feasibility Reports
  • Certifications (GEM, PSQCA, ISO & others) as per need.
  • Industrial automation, solar panel system & alternate energy for energy conservation
  • Environmental friendly solutions


Feed Water Quality : <2000 ppm TDS

Filtration Rating: removes, paper writings essaywriter unwanted salts, bacteria viruses makes, improves taste, make potable

Energy: Low energy usage

Sustainable: Normal Maintenance Cost

Serving: Standalone system


Our specialty is also (PEC Licensed C-6 category)

  • All kinds of Water Treatment
  • Bottle Waters Treatment
  • Water shops, Juice & Beverages
  • Chemicals & Chemical Industry
  • Small Industry (Small & Medium Enterprises)
  • Bore